Bearers wth no entry

The following bearers are licensed by Ofcom but have not been registered with and so have no service information.

DAB Bearers

Bearer Ofcom Label Multiplex
dab:ce1.c20e.c8f9.0 Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c5d7.0 1BTN Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1e4.c4ff.0 6 Towns Radio Stoke & Newcastle small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.cad3.0 60s Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1d6.cad3.0 60s Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c186.c6e3.0 88.3 CENTREFORCE Switch London
dab:ce1.c1b3.c6e3.0 88.3 CENTREFORCE MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1ec.c4f7.0 ALL FM Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.c089.0 AMBUR RADIO Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c184.c5c1.0 ASIAN SOUND CE Digital Manchester DAB
dab:ce1.c1c3.c1c2.0 Absolute 70s North and West Cumbria
dab:ce1.c1b5.cac2.0 Absolute 90s Now Digital Oxfordshire DAB
dab:ce1.c186.cbde.0 Adventis Radio Switch London
dab:ce1.c1dd.c8f4.0 Akash Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c8f4.0 Akash Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.c2f7.0 All Hits+Giggles Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c3fe.0 All Star Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c3fe.0 AllStarYouthRadio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a7.cbf6.0 Amber Radio Now Digital Norfolk DAB
dab:ce1.c1e9.c089.0 Ambur Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c205.cdc2.0 Angel Vintage Bedford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c8c3.0 Apni Awaz Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c8c3.0 Apni Awaz Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.ccea.0 AspenWaite Radio Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.ccea.0 AspenWaite Radio Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.c4dc.0 Athavan Radio DRG London
dab:ce1.c1d6.c0bf.0 Awaaz FM Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.cdc5.0 Awaaz FM Glasgow Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c491.0 Awaz FM Glasgow Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ef.c5f3.0 Aycliffe Radio Darlington & Bishop Auckland small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cc.c08d.0 B Radio Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1d6.c08d.0 B Radio Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a0.ce34.0 BBC Radio Leeds Bradford & Huddersfield
dab:ce1.c1cc.c691.0 BFBS Aldershot Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1d8.ced6.0 BFBS Beats Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.ced6.0 BFBS Beats Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1cc.ced6.0 BFBS Beats Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1d8.c9c4.0 BFBS BestBritish Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.c4f1.0 BFBS Edge Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.c2fc.0 BFBS Ghurka Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cc.c2fc.0 BFBS Gurkha Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1d6.c2fc.0 BFBS Gurkha Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.c9d7.0 BFBS Portsmouth Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1d8.c9c5.0 BFBS Rewind Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c591.0 BFBS SCOTLAND Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.c991.0 BFBS Salisbury Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c591.0 BFBS Scotland Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c20e.c9c2.0 BOOM LIGHT Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c20e.c9c3.0 BOOM ROCK Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c580.0 BRMB Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c580.0 BRMB South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.c6f0.0 BailiwickClassics Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1cf.c7f0.0 BailiwickHits Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1bf.cced.0 Bayside Radio MuxCo North Wales
dab:ce1.c201.c9f8.0 Beat Radio Scotland Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c9f8.0 Beat106Scotland Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c205.c7f9.0 Bedford Radio Bedford small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c08b.0 Belfast 89 Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c8d5.0 Big City Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c8d5.0 Big City Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c1f0.0 BigBeat Brighton Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1cd.cdd6.0 Birdsong Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1cd.cdd7.0 Birdsong+1 Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1ef.ce94.0 Bishop FM Darlington & Bishop Auckland small-scale
dab:ce1.c1db.cb81.0 Black Country Dudley-Sbridge small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.cb81.0 Black Country Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1db.c7f6.0 Blk Ctry XTRA Dudley-Sbridge small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.c1db.0 Bloomberg Radio DRG London
dab:ce1.c1c9.c5f5.0 Blue Dot Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c5f5.0 Blue Dot Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.c5f5.0 Blue Dot Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e6.cfc7.0 Blue Sky Radio Congleton and Leek small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e7.cfc7.0 Blue Sky Radio Crewe & Nantwich
dab:ce1.c1e4.cfc7.0 Blue Sky Radio Stoke & Newcastle small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f5.c09f.0 Bolton FM Bolton and Bury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.cfe5.0 Boom Radio Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1c4.c8e3.0 Boss ATLANTIS Trial Cambridge
dab:ce1.c1e1.c8e3.0 Boss ATLANTIS King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1db.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Dudley-Sbridge small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c20e.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e9.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c7f7.0 BritAsia Radio Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.c7f7.0 BritAsiaRadio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cc.c9e6.0 Brooklands Radio Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1e9.c3f5.0 Brumside Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c8f6.0 Buzz MCR Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c6f5.0 COG Grand Radio Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e1.c791.0 Camb 105 Radio King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c5f0.0 Care Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c5f0.0 Care Radio Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1cd.c5f0.0 Care Radio Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1e7.c7f5.0 Cat Xtra Crewe & Nantwich
dab:ce1.c1f9.cab0.0 Central FM Stirling and Falkirk small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fa.c8c2.0 Central Radio NW Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.c8c2.0 Central Radio NW Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f2.c8c2.0 Central Radio NW Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.c7c0.0 Channel 103 Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1fe.cbf5.0 Cheshire's MIX56 Cheshire East
dab:ce1.c1ed.cbf5.0 Cheshire's MIX56 Warrington Widnes and Runcorn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fc.cbf5.0 Cheshire's Mix56 Cheshire Mid small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.cbf5.0 Cheshire's Mix56 Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fe.c69b.0 Cheshire's Silk Cheshire East
dab:ce1.c1e7.c69b.0 Cheshire's Silk Crewe & Nantwich
dab:ce1.c1d9.c9c1.0 Chief Radio Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e6.cdd5.0 Churnet Sound Radio Congleton and Leek small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e4.cdd5.0 Churnet Sound Radio Stoke & Newcastle small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.c2a1.0 Classic FM Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1dc.cbc4.0 Coastal Radio Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.c7ec.0 Colourful Radio DRG London
dab:ce1.c1c5.cddd.0 Corsoro Radio Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1dd.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1cb.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1d7.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c3ff.0 Crescent Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fb.c3ff.0 Crescent Radio Oldham & Rochdale small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c5c6.0 CultureCityRadio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c5c6.0 CultureCityRadio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d4.cff3.0 DECADANCE BRST Clevedon Avonmouth and Filton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d3.cff3.0 DECADANCE BRST East Bristol small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c1c6.0 DOM Trial London
dab:ce1.c1dc.c1d9.0 DUNE RADIO Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c8c5.0 Dance Asia Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c8c5.0 Dance Asia Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f0.c8c5.0 Dance Asia Radio Middlesbrough & Redcar small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.cff1.0 Dance Revolution Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.cff1.0 Dance Revolution Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.cbcc.0 DanceLand Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1f1.cbcc.0 DanceLand Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.cbcc.0 DanceLand Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.cbcd.0 DanceLandANTHEM Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.cbcd.0 DanceLandAnthem Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ef.cff1.0 DanceRevolution Darlington & Bishop Auckland small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.cbcc.0 Danceland Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.cbcd.0 DancelandANTHEM Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.cbcd.0 DancelandAnthems Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c4fe.0 Darbar Sahib Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1c6.cfe9.0 Desi Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1de.c6c2.0 Drive105 Derry/Londonderry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fa.c596.0 Drystone Radio Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1af.c0ea.0 Dubai Now Now Digital Cambridge DAB
dab:ce1.c199.c0ea.0 Dubai Now DRG London
dab:ce1.c1f2.c1d9.0 Dune Radio Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c1d9.0 Dune Rado Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1da.cc87.0 Exeter small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c7c4.0 EIREWAVE Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.c784.0 Easy Radio Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.cbf2.0 Easy Radio Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a3.cef0.0 Easy Radio Now Digital South Hampshire DAB
dab:ce1.c1d1.c2f9.0 Easy Radio Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.c6ba.0 Easy Radio Ports Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1d9.cac1.0 Edge 1 Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f9.cac1.0 Edge 1 Stirling and Falkirk small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c9f5.0 Edge 2 Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f9.c9f5.0 Edge 2 Stirling and Falkirk small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c7c4.0 Eirewave Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cb.c4ef.0 Eruption Radio Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1cd.ca94.0 Express FM Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1cb.cbd7.0 FDNTEST01 Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1cb.cd06.0 FDNTEST02 Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1cb.cd07.0 FDNTEST03 Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1d3.c6f9.0 FK Soundtracks East Bristol small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b3.c6f9.0 FK Soundtracks MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1da.cac0.0 FLASHBACK Exeter small-scale
dab:ce1.c203.cac0.0 FLASHBACK Plymouth small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f3.cac0.0 FLASHBACK Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d6.c0a5.0 Fiesta FM UK Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c5fa.0 Flame CCR Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.cada.0 Flash Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1f9.caf7.0 ForthValleyRadio Stirling and Falkirk small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ef.c2f2.0 Frisk Radio Darlington & Bishop Auckland small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f0.c2f2.0 Frisk Radio Middlesbrough & Redcar small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c2f2.0 Frisk Radio Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c2f2.0 Frisk Radio Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.cfd8.0 Fun Kids Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b7.cfd8.0 Fun Kids MuxCo Gloucestershire
dab:ce1.c1b4.cfd8.0 Fun Kids MuxCo Herefordshire and Worcestershire
dab:ce1.c20e.cfd8.0 Fun Kids Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.cfd8.0 Fun Kids Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1d4.c5fc.0 Fun Kids Jr NStp Clevedon Avonmouth and Filton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e9.cff5.0 Fun Kids NON STOP South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c4fa.0 Fun Kids Party Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c1c4.0 Fun Kids PopHits Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1c4.cbd6.0 Future Radio Trial Cambridge
dab:ce1.c1e1.cbd6.0 Future Radio King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.cbf4.0 Fylde Coast Radio Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.c781.0 GTFM Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f5.c897.0 Gaydio Bolton and Bury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c897.0 Gaydio Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c9c9.0 Gaydio Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ec.c897.0 Gaydio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c2.c6f4.0 GenX MuxCo Suffolk
dab:ce1.c1dc.c3f2.0 GlitterBeam Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c4.c3f2.0 GlitterBeam Trial Cambridge
dab:ce1.c1cb.c3f2.0 GlitterBeam Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1e3.c3f2.0 Glitterbeam Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1db.c7de.0 Gorgeous Dudley-Sbridge small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.c7de.0 Gorgeous Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c5d9.0 Great Yorkshire Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ab.c1f7.0 Grt Hits Kent Now Digital Kent DAB
dab:ce1.c1d8.c5f4.0 Grt Hits S'bury Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e9.cd97.0 Gulshan Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c3.c3f6.0 HITS RADIO CUMBR North and West Cumbria
dab:ce1.c203.c6f8.0 HRP Plymouth small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c4fc.0 Halo Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e6.ccf6.0 Happy Radio Congleton and Leek small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.ccf6.0 Happy Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.ccf6.0 Happy Radio Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.ccf6.0 Happy Radio UK Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f5.c2c0.0 Happy Radio UK Bolton and Bury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fe.ccf6.0 Happy Radio UK Cheshire East
dab:ce1.c1b3.ccf6.0 Happy Radio UK MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1f2.ccf6.0 Happy Radio UK Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ed.ccf6.0 Happy radio UK Warrington Widnes and Runcorn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.ccc1.0 Heartsong Live Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.ccc1.0 Heartsong Live Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ec.c4f4.0 Heritage Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fb.c4f4.0 Heritage Radio Oldham & Rochdale small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c4f4.0 Heritage Radio Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ea.c7f8.0 High Peak 1 Glossop and Buxton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b6.caec.0 Hits Radio Pride MuxCo North Yorkshire
dab:ce1.c1c9.c1e7.0 Hope FM Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1b3.c5ed.0 In Demand Radio MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c205.c792.0 In2Beats Bedford Bedford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.c8c0.0 Island FM Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1f2.c7c5.0 JUICE Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c5c4.0 Jambo! Radio Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1dc.c7c5.0 Juice Radio Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c7c5.0 Juice Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b3.c7c5.0 Juice Radio MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1e1.c9f2.0 KL Country King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e1.ccc0.0 KL Xtra King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e1.cef4.0 KL1 Radio King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c191.cac4.0 Kingdom FM Switch Scotland
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfcc.0 Kohinoor Radio Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c092.0 L Greek Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1cf.c0c2.0 LBC Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfca.0 LCR1 Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.c550.0 LCR2 Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.cac3.0 LDC Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.cac3.0 LDC Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c092.0 LGR Trial London
dab:ce1.c1ec.c9f4.0 LMR-Manchester Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.cec1.0 LONDON ONE Radio Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c1f8.0 Like COUNTRY Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ea.c1f8.0 Like COUNTRY Glossop and Buxton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c1f8.0 Like Country Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.ceeb.0 Like ONE Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.ceeb.0 Like ONE Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.cfee.0 Like POP Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.cfee.0 Like POP Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ea.cfee.0 Like POP Glossop and Buxton small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.cfee.0 Like POP Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.cfee.0 Like Pop Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c1f3.0 Like RETRO Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c1f3.0 Like RETRO Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ea.c1f3.0 Like RETRO Glossop and Buxton small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.c1f3.0 Like RETRO Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c1f3.0 Like Retro Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d7.c08b.0 Link FM Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1bc.c7f1.0 Lite Radio MuxCo Surrey
dab:ce1.c1b3.ceec.0 Liverpool Live MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1fd.c0da.0 Love 80s LPL Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c7f4.0 Love Life Trial London
dab:ce1.c199.cece.0 Lyca Radio 1458 DRG London
dab:ce1.c199.cecd.0 LycaGold DRG London
dab:ce1.c1dd.cbc3.0 Marefa Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.cbc3.0 Marefa Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.cfd6.0 Matryoshka Radio DRG London
dab:ce1.c1d5.c05f.0 Mighty Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.ccf0.0 Mixer Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1ec.c9e9.0 Mom's Spaghetti Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fb.c9e9.0 Mom's Spaghetti Oldham & Rochdale small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a9.c8e0.0 More Radio Now Digital Sussex DAB
dab:ce1.c1dd.c4c6.0 MyGreekRadio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c4c6.0 MyGreekRadio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ea.cef6.0 NTH DERBYSHIRE Glossop and Buxton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.c2fd.0 Nation 00s Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.ccf1.0 Nation 60's Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c201.c2ed.0 Nation 70's Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1bf.c2ef.0 Nation 80s MuxCo North Wales
dab:ce1.c189.c2ef.0 Nation 80s Now Digital South East Wales DAB
dab:ce1.c201.c2fa.0 Nation 90's Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c2fa.0 Nation 90s Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1d1.cbf1.0 Nation Hits Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c2fe.0 Nation New Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c198.ca82.0 Nation Radio Bauer Humberside DAB
dab:ce1.c1b9.c682.0 Nation Radio MuxCo Mid & West Wales
dab:ce1.c1d8.c485.0 Nation Radio Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c2.c9e3.0 Nation Radio MuxCo Suffolk
dab:ce1.c19d.c2c5.0 Nation South Now Digital Bournemouth DAB
dab:ce1.c1a3.c2c4.0 Nation South Now Digital South Hampshire DAB
dab:ce1.c1fd.c2ed.0 Nations 70s Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.c1da.0 News Radio Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfcd.0 Nishaan Radio Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.ca91.0 NuSound Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c203.cbf8.0 OCEAN CITY RADIO Plymouth small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.c1c5.0 OUTDANCE S'bury Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.c1c5.0 OUTREACH DANCE Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1cc.c1c5.0 OUTREACH DANCE Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1d6.c1c5.0 OUTREACH DANCE Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cc.c3ee.0 OUTREACH RADIO Trial Woking
dab:ce1.c1f3.cbf7.0 OceanYouth Radio Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fb.c881.0 Oldham Com Radio Oldham & Rochdale small-scale
dab:ce1.c19a.c6e7.0 Original 106 Switch Aberdeen
dab:ce1.c19a.c6f9.0 Original 106 GOLD Switch Aberdeen
dab:ce1.c1f3.c5f9.0 PALM TORBAY Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f3.c691.0 PHONIC Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f5.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Bolton and Bury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fe.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Cheshire East
dab:ce1.c1fc.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Cheshire Mid small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f2.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ed.c4c4.0 Panacea Soul Warrington Widnes and Runcorn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfcf.0 Panj Pani Radio Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.ced8.0 Panjab Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.ced8.0 Panjab Radio Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.ced8.0 Panjab Radio DRG London
dab:ce1.c1d2.ced8.0 Panjab Radio Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.ced8.0 Panjab Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1ee.ced8.0 Panjab Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c203.c691.0 Phonic FM Plymouth small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.cbce.0 Pie Radio Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c9d6.0 Platform B Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c199.c1d0.0 Polish Radio Ldn DRG London
dab:ce1.c1cd.cec0.0 Pompey Sound Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c201.c9f9.0 Premier Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c04d.0 Quality Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1d9.c04d.0 Quality Radio Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cf.cf86.0 Quay FM Channel Islands
dab:ce1.c1f2.c2f5.0 RED ROSE RADIO Preston small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.cd90.0 RINSE FM Trial London
dab:ce1.c1ec.cedc.0 Radio Africana Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e9.c8c3.0 Radio Apni Awaz South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a5.cbec.0 Radio Bath Now Digital West Wiltshire DAB
dab:ce1.c1e0.c491.0 Radio Cardiff Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c0db.0 Radio Central Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c19f.c2ee.0 Radio EXE Devon Now Digital Exeter and Torbay DAB
dab:ce1.c1da.cff4.0 Radio EXE Exeter Exeter small-scale
dab:ce1.c203.cff4.0 Radio EXE Plym Plymouth small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f3.cff4.0 Radio EXE Torbay Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d7.c2f6.0 Radio Essentials Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c4fd.0 Radio Lisburn Live Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1af.c9ea.0 Radio Maria Eng Now Digital Cambridge DAB
dab:ce1.c1d4.c9ea.0 Radio Maria Eng Clevedon Avonmouth and Filton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d3.c9ea.0 Radio Maria Eng East Bristol small-scale
dab:ce1.c186.c9ea.0 Radio Maria Eng Switch London
dab:ce1.c1e9.c9ea.0 Radio Maria Eng South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.cfc6.0 Radio Panj Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.c3c1.0 Radio Plus Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c091.0 Radio Reverb Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1fa.c09c.0 Radio Sagam Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.cf53.0 Radio Saltire Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c09c.0 Radio Sangam Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d7.c09c.0 Radio Sangam Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfce.0 Radio Seerah Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c4f2.0 Radio Shields Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b2.c1ce.0 Radio Up Now Digital Herts, Beds and Bucks DAB
dab:ce1.c1bb.c1ea.0 Radio Up NOW Northamptonshire DAB
dab:ce1.c1a1.c2ea.0 Radio Up NOW Peterborough DAB
dab:ce1.c1ed.c5f7.0 Radio Warrington Warrington Widnes and Runcorn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e1.c0c1.0 Radio West Norfk King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.cfc0.0 Radio XL Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.cfc0.0 Radio XL South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.cfc0.0 Radio XL Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c4.c7dc.0 Radio Xtra Trial Cambridge
dab:ce1.c1e1.c7dc.0 Radio Xtra King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfcb.0 Radio2funky Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c7d9.0 Rainbow Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1c9.c6f3.0 Rajo Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e5.cfd0.0 Leicester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.caf4.0 Rangoli Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fa.c2f5.0 Red Rose Radio Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.c2f5.0 Red Rose Radio Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.c8f5.0 Reform Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c3f0.0 Regency Radio Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1e1.c8d4.0 Resonance Xtra King's Lynn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b0.cdf0.0 Rewind Radio Now Digital Cornwall DAB
dab:ce1.c1de.c9c6.0 River Radio Derry/Londonderry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c6ec.0 Riverside Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1e0.c4f8.0 Rookwood Sound Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d7.caf3.0 Rotherham Radio Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c3e8.0 Ruach Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1f1.c1de.0 STRAWBERRY RADIO Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c5cc.0 Sabras Radio Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c5cc.0 Sabras Radio South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c7ee.0 Sami Swoi Radio Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1bc.c7ee.0 Sami Swoi polski MuxCo Surrey
dab:ce1.c1a2.c7cc.0 Sanskar Radio NOW Leicester DAB
dab:ce1.c1c9.c7cc.0 Sanskar Sound Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1ee.c4fe.0 Sarbar Sahib Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.cbd4.0 Select Radio Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1c6.cbd4.0 Select Radio Trial London
dab:ce1.c1d7.ca81.0 Sheffield Live! Sheffield and Rotherham small-scale
dab:ce1.c19c.cff2.0 Shine 879 Now Digital Essex DAB
dab:ce1.c200.c8f8.0 Shmu FM Aberdeen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fe.c3dd.0 Skylab Radio Cheshire East
dab:ce1.c1e6.c3dd.0 Skylab Radio Congleton and Leek small-scale
dab:ce1.c1db.c3dd.0 Skylab Radio Dudley-Sbridge small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cb.c3dd.0 Skylab Radio Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1ee.c3dd.0 Skylab Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d6.c09b.0 Skyline Gold Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.cad4.0 Slack City Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1ec.cbc2.0 Slack City MCR Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cb.cad4.0 Slack City Radio Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1cd.cad4.0 Slack City Radio Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1ee.cbf3.0 Smile Radio Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c5f8.0 Sound Radio Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.cfc1.0 Sout al Khaleej DRG London
dab:ce1.c1da.cfea.0 SouthDevon Radio Exeter small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f3.cfea.0 SouthDevonRadio Torbay small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c8f3.0 Spice Radio Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c8f3.0 Spice Radio Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fa.c6c3.0 Sunrise Gold Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c6c3.0 Sunrise Gold Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.c6c3.0 Sunrise Gold Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fa.cecb.0 Sunrise Radio Blackburn Burnley and Darwen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.cecb.0 Sunrise Radio Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d5.cecb.0 Sunrise Radio Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.cecb.0 Sunrise Radio Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b7.cb83.0 Sunshine MuxCo Gloucestershire
dab:ce1.c1b4.cb83.0 Sunshine FM MuxCo Herefordshire and Worcestershire
dab:ce1.c186.c9f7.0 TBA Switch London
dab:ce1.c20e.ce88.0 TBA Nottingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.ccf7.0 TBA Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c200.c1d7.0 TEST Aberdeen small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.cfe3.0 The Beat London Trial London
dab:ce1.c1e7.c78c.0 The Cat Crewe & Nantwich
dab:ce1.c1d1.c1f5.0 The Cat Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ef.c6fa.0 The Red Darlington & Bishop Auckland small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f0.c6fa.0 The Red Middlesbrough & Redcar small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c1f6.0 The Toon Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c1f6.0 The Toon Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale
dab:ce1.c19e.c3cb.0 TheAccessChannel Bauer Tayside DAB
dab:ce1.c1b2.c2d0.0 TheHardestChoice Now Digital Herts, Beds and Bucks DAB
dab:ce1.c1e6.c7c2.0 Timeless Radio Congleton and Leek small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e7.c7c2.0 Timeless Radio Crewe & Nantwich
dab:ce1.c1d2.c6f2.0 Together Radio Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c2c3.0 Tommorrowland OWR Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d2.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland Newcastle and Gateshead small-scale
dab:ce1.c206.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Belfast & Lisburn small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d4.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Clevedon Avonmouth and Filton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d3.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR East Bristol small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ec.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c9.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c6.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Trial London
dab:ce1.c201.c2c3.0 Tomorrowland OWR Wrexham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1c5.c9d4.0 URF Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1c9.c096.0 Unity FM Trial Birmingham
dab:ce1.c1e9.c096.0 Unity FM South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.c096.0 Unity FM Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c199.c6d7.0 VOIslam DRG London
dab:ce1.c1e3.ccc2.0 Vanny Radio Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cd.cef1.0 Victory Trial Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1d6.cef1.0 Victory Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d6.cb87.0 Voice FM Music Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dd.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Bradford small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e3.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1de.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Derry/Londonderry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d9.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Edinburgh small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ca.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Trial Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1d5.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Leeds small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e9.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam South Birmingham small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c6d7.0 Voice of Islam Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1dc.c4c5.0 WBPL WOW BLACKPL Blackpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ee.cb91.0 WCR FM Wolverhampton small-scale
dab:ce1.c1cb.c9dd.0 Weather 24/7 Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1d6.cec4.0 Winchester TODAY Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1f1.c0b9.0 Wythenshawe FM Stockport small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b4.c9ee.0 Wyvern MuxCo Herefordshire and Worcestershire
dab:ce1.c1e3.cfc0.0 XL radio Coventry small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e0.cac5.0 XL:UK Radio Cardiff small-scale
dab:ce1.c1ec.ccb2.0 XS Manchester Manchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d8.cfc2.0 XTRA HOT Salisbury small-scale
dab:ce1.c1a3.caed.0 XTRA HOT Now Digital South Hampshire DAB
dab:ce1.c1c5.caed.0 XTRA HOT Trial Brighton
dab:ce1.c1d6.c4c7.0 Xtra Hot Winch Winchester small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b6.c9f0.0 YO1 Xtra MuxCo North Yorkshire
dab:ce1.c1b6.c1ee.0 YorkMix MuxCo North Yorkshire
dab:ce1.c1b6.cef2.0 Your Harrogate MuxCo North Yorkshire
dab:ce1.c1cb.cbd9.0 Zack FM Trial Norwich
dab:ce1.c1c4.c084.0 ZackFM Trial Cambridge
dab:ce1.c1da.c7db.0 Zest Exeter small-scale
dab:ce1.c1fd.c7db.0 Zest Liverpool small-scale
dab:ce1.c1b3.c7db.0 Zest Liverpool MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1f0.c5fb.0 Zetland FM Middlesbrough & Redcar small-scale
dab:ce1.c1e4.c7f2.0 xRhythms Stoke & Newcastle small-scale
dab:ce1.c1d1.c7f2.0 xRhythms Tynemouth and South Shields small-scale

FM Bearers

Bearer Frequency Ofcom Label Transmitters
fm:ce1.c791.10530 105.3 MHz 10 Radio
fm:ce1.c78d.10740 107.4 MHz 107FM
fm:ce1.c0ac.10140 101.4 MHz 1BTN
fm:ce1.c895.08770 87.7 MHz 60 North FM
fm:ce1.c588.10720 107.2 MHz AIR
fm:ce1.c691.09690 96.9 MHz ALL FM
fm:ce1.c986.10470 104.7 MHz Abbey 104
fm:ce1.cf80.10590 105.9 MHz Academy FM 105.9
fm:ce1.ce80.10780 107.8 MHz Academy FM 107.8
fm:ce1.c597.10650 106.5 MHz Aldergrove and Antrim FM
fm:ce1.c0aa.10730 107.3 MHz Alfred
fm:ce1.cb96.10730 107.3 MHz Alive Radio
fm:ce1.cc93.09840 98.4 MHz Amber Sound FM
fm:ce1.cc93.10720 107.2 MHz Amber Sound FM
fm:ce1.c089.09940 99.4 MHz Ambur Radio
fm:ce1.c493.09150 91.5 MHz Angel Radio Isle of Wight
fm:ce1.cb50.08890 88.9 MHz Anker Radio
fm:ce1.c783.09730 97.3 MHz Apple FM
fm:ce1.c799.10710 107.1 MHz Argyll FM
fm:ce1.c799.10650 106.5 MHz Argyll FM
fm:ce1.c799.10770 107.7 MHz Argyll FM
fm:ce1.c0bf.09980 99.8 MHz Awaaz FM
fm:ce1.c491.10720 107.2 MHz Awaz FM
fm:ce1.c418.09140 91.4 MHz BBC Radio Wales
fm:ce1.cb19.10400 104.0 MHz BBC Tees
fm:ce1.c691.10250 102.5 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c78a.08930 89.3 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c991.10680 106.8 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.ce87.08770 87.7 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c991.10690 106.9 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c491.10700 107.0 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c591.09850 98.5 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c591.09400 94.0 MHz BFBS
fm:ce1.c78a.10080 100.8 MHz BFBS Blandford (Bovington)
fm:ce1.c058.10610 106.1 MHz BFBS Brize Norton
fm:ce1.c049.09080 90.8 MHz BFBS Gurkha Radio
fm:ce1.cd88.10440 104.4 MHz BFBS Gurkha Radio(Holywood)
fm:ce1.c497.10060 100.6 MHz BFBS Lisburn FM
fm:ce1.cd87.08770 87.7 MHz BFBS Radio (Fort George)
fm:ce1.c049.10540 105.4 MHz BFBS Shorncliffe
fm:ce1.c891.09730 97.3 MHz BGFM
fm:ce1.c591.09560 95.6 MHz BRFM 95.6 FM
fm:ce1.c580.08910 89.1 MHz BRMB
fm:ce1.cb99.10790 107.9 MHz Bangor FM
fm:ce1.cd8b.08770 87.7 MHz Basildon Hospital Radio (BHR)
fm:ce1.c08b.08930 89.3 MHz Belfast 89FM
fm:ce1.c989.10780 107.8 MHz Beverley FM
fm:ce1.ce90.10480 104.8 MHz Biggles FM
fm:ce1.cf9d.10250 102.5 MHz Black Cat Radio
fm:ce1.cb81.09220 92.2 MHz Black Country Radio
fm:ce1.c781.10070 100.7 MHz Black Diamond
fm:ce1.c781.10780 107.8 MHz Black Diamond FM
fm:ce1.c044.10220 102.2 MHz Blackburn's 102.2FM
fm:ce1.c496.10640 106.4 MHz Blast 106
fm:ce1.ce5f.10640 106.4 MHz Blast106
fm:ce1.cf95.08830 88.3 MHz Brands FM
fm:ce1.cd50.10470 104.7 MHz Brill Oldies Radio
fm:ce1.c05c.10790 107.9 MHz Buchan Radio
fm:ce1.cab3.10220 102.2 MHz CFM
fm:ce1.c9b3.09640 96.4 MHz CFM
fm:ce1.c9b3.10250 102.5 MHz CFM
fm:ce1.cab3.10340 103.4 MHz CFM
fm:ce1.c480.10560 105.6 MHz CHAOS
fm:ce1.ce86.10080 100.8 MHz CHBN
fm:ce1.cfa5.09460 94.6 MHz Cabin FM
fm:ce1.c0a0.10650 106.5 MHz Caithness FM
fm:ce1.c350.10500 105.0 MHz Calon FM
fm:ce1.c582.09720 97.2 MHz Cam FM
fm:ce1.cc88.10790 107.9 MHz CamGlen Radio
fm:ce1.c696.10280 102.8 MHz Canalside Radio 102.8 FM
fm:ce1.ce83.10630 106.3 MHz Cando FM
fm:ce1.ce83.10730 107.3 MHz Cando FM
fm:ce1.c4be.08980 89.8 MHz Cannock Chase Radio
fm:ce1.c4be.09400 94.0 MHz Cannock Chase Radio
fm:ce1.c4be.08960 89.6 MHz Cannock Chase Radio
fm:ce1.c780.10470 104.7 MHz Caroline Community Radio
fm:ce1.c6b8.10470 104.7 MHz Caroline Community Radio
fm:ce1.c780.09470 94.7 MHz Caroline Community Radio
fm:ce1.c6b8.09470 94.7 MHz Caroline Community Radio
fm:ce1.cab0.10310 103.1 MHz Central FM
fm:ce1.c586.10770 107.7 MHz Channel 103/Soleil Radio
fm:ce1.c851.10440 104.4 MHz Chelmsford Community Radio
fm:ce1.c89b.10740 107.4 MHz Chiltern Voice
fm:ce1.c05b.10020 100.2 MHz Cinque Ports Radio
fm:ce1.c05b.09510 95.1 MHz Cinque Ports Radio
fm:ce1.ca50.09930 99.3 MHz Classic Hits Forest Gold
fm:ce1.c888.09720 97.2 MHz Coast FM
fm:ce1.c888.09650 96.5 MHz Coast FM
fm:ce1.cfbf.10640 106.4 MHz Coast Radio
fm:ce1.c040.09740 97.4 MHz Coast and County Radio
fm:ce1.c040.10550 105.5 MHz Coast and County Radio
fm:ce1.c059.10660 106.6 MHz Colne Radio
fm:ce1.c796.10450 104.5 MHz Community Voice FM
fm:ce1.c991.09700 97.0 MHz Crescent Radio
fm:ce1.cf52.09540 95.4 MHz Cross Counties Radio
fm:ce1.cf52.09200 92.0 MHz Cross Counties Radio
fm:ce1.c091.09630 96.3 MHz Cross Rhythms Plymouth
fm:ce1.c0a3.09780 97.8 MHz Croydon FM
fm:ce1.ce84.10740 107.4 MHz Crystal FM
fm:ce1.cd53.10680 106.8 MHz Cumbernauld FM
fm:ce1.cb86.10740 107.4 MHz Deveron FM
fm:ce1.cb86.10590 105.9 MHz Deveron FM
fm:ce1.cb86.10530 105.3 MHz Deveron FM
fm:ce1.ce89.10050 100.5 MHz Digital Hits One
fm:ce1.cf95.09430 94.3 MHz Donington FM
fm:ce1.cf9c.10490 104.9 MHz Dover Community Radio
fm:ce1.c491.10500 105.0 MHz Down FM
fm:ce1.ce93.10530 105.3 MHz Drive 105 FM
fm:ce1.c79b.10250 102.5 MHz EAVA FM
fm:ce1.c48a.10760 107.6 MHz East Coast FM
fm:ce1.cc87.10610 106.1 MHz East Devon Radio
fm:ce1.ca87.10750 107.5 MHz Eden FM
fm:ce1.c0bb.10470 104.7 MHz Embrace
fm:ce1.ca94.09370 93.7 MHz Express FM
fm:ce1.cd81.10750 107.5 MHz Felixstowe Radio
fm:ce1.cdc3.10730 107.3 MHz Fever Radio
fm:ce1.c0a5.09500 95.0 MHz Fiesta FM
fm:ce1.cf9e.10510 105.1 MHz First FM
fm:ce1.c055.10140 101.4 MHz Flex FM
fm:ce1.cd83.10790 107.9 MHz Fosse 107
fm:ce1.cc83.10700 107.0 MHz Fosse 107
fm:ce1.c68a.09660 96.6 MHz Frome FM
fm:ce1.c781.10710 107.1 MHz GTFM
fm:ce1.c781.10790 107.9 MHz GTFM
fm:ce1.c057.09780 97.8 MHz Gaydio (Brighton)
fm:ce1.ce91.10710 107.1 MHz Glastonbury FM
fm:ce1.c691.09660 96.6 MHz Gloucester FM
fm:ce1.cd93.09720 97.2 MHz Gravity FM
fm:ce1.c1cf.10260 102.6 MHz Greatest Hits
fm:ce1.c452.10470 104.7 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c7ba.10640 106.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c9ba.10760 107.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c5bb.10790 107.9 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c7bb.10550 105.5 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c9bb.09660 96.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c8bb.10740 107.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.caba.10200 102.0 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c68e.10240 102.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.cabb.10560 105.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.ccbb.10750 107.5 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.caba.10160 101.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c355.09640 96.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c4af.10230 102.3 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c4bc.09720 97.2 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.caba.09710 97.1 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c8ba.10740 107.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c5af.10660 106.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c8bb.10240 102.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c8ba.10560 105.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c552.10350 103.5 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c48e.09620 96.2 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c5bc.10710 107.1 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.caba.10180 101.8 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c8bb.10080 100.8 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c5bc.10780 107.8 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c4bb.10720 107.2 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.cbba.10700 107.0 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c9bb.09740 97.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c4af.09660 96.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c552.10230 102.3 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c6bb.10750 107.5 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c58e.10310 103.1 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.cabb.10660 106.6 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.cbbb.10770 107.7 MHz Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c453.10600 106.0 MHz Greatest Hits Radio East Midlands
fm:ce1.cde5.10640 106.4 MHz Greatest Hits Radio Oxfordshire
fm:ce1.cde5.10680 106.8 MHz Greatest Hits Radio Oxfordshire
fm:ce1.c0b8.08860 88.6 MHz Groove City Radio
fm:ce1.cd97.10690 106.9 MHz Gulshan Radio
fm:ce1.c08b.09590 95.9 MHz Hailsham FM
fm:ce1.c891.09230 92.3 MHz Halton Community Radio
fm:ce1.c591.10230 102.3 MHz Harborough FM (Hfm)
fm:ce1.c091.10740 107.4 MHz Harbour Radio
fm:ce1.ce50.09530 95.3 MHz Harrogate Hospital Radio
fm:ce1.c082.09180 91.8 MHz Hayes FM
fm:ce1.c360.09660 96.6 MHz Heart
fm:ce1.c660.09660 96.6 MHz Heart
fm:ce1.c360.10690 106.9 MHz Heart Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c760.10690 106.9 MHz Heart Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c360.10670 106.7 MHz Heart Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c760.10670 106.7 MHz Heart Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c890.10730 107.3 MHz Heartland FM
fm:ce1.c890.09750 97.5 MHz Heartland FM
fm:ce1.c04c.09060 90.6 MHz Heritage CR
fm:ce1.cb80.09920 99.2 MHz Hermitage FM
fm:ce1.cb88.10750 107.5 MHz Hitmix Radio
fm:ce1.cbe2.10790 107.9 MHz Hits Radio Oxfordshire
fm:ce1.c797.10100 101.0 MHz Holywood FM
fm:ce1.c580.09010 90.1 MHz Hope FM
fm:ce1.cd88.08790 87.9 MHz Hospital Radio Medway
fm:ce1.c450.10730 107.3 MHz Hospital Radio Plymouth
fm:ce1.c080.10140 101.4 MHz IUR FM
fm:ce1.c792.10650 106.5 MHz In2beats FM
fm:ce1.cf87.10780 107.8 MHz Inspiration FM
fm:ce1.cd8a.10510 105.1 MHz Inspire FM
fm:ce1.c691.10570 105.7 MHz Ipswich Community Radio
fm:ce1.cb87.10720 107.2 MHz Irvine Beat FM
fm:ce1.c7b2.10300 103.0 MHz Isles FM
fm:ce1.c048.09480 94.8 MHz Jorvik Radio
fm:ce1.cb91.10320 103.2 MHz Juice Radio
fm:ce1.c997.10700 107.0 MHz K107 FM
fm:ce1.cf91.09980 99.8 MHz KCC Live
fm:ce1.cb84.10770 107.7 MHz KCR
fm:ce1.ce96.10370 103.7 MHz Kane FM
fm:ce1.c0a4.10630 106.3 MHz KeeP 106
fm:ce1.c781.09750 97.5 MHz Kemet Radio
fm:ce1.c093.10670 106.7 MHz Kennet Radio
fm:ce1.cee5.10770 107.7 MHz Kiss/Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.cfe5.10560 105.6 MHz Kiss/Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.ceed.10640 106.4 MHz Kiss/Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c08e.10660 106.6 MHz Koast Radio
fm:ce1.c043.09780 97.8 MHz Leeds Dance Community Radio
fm:ce1.c087.09010 90.1 MHz Legacy 90.1
fm:ce1.cc81.10360 103.6 MHz Lincoln City Radio
fm:ce1.c08b.09670 96.7 MHz Link FM
fm:ce1.c491.10730 107.3 MHz Lionheart Radio
fm:ce1.cc99.09880 98.8 MHz Lisburn's 98FM
fm:ce1.cf9a.10770 107.7 MHz Listen Lanarkshire
fm:ce1.c04b.10670 106.7 MHz Liverpool Community Radio
fm:ce1.ceb1.09680 96.8 MHz Lochbroom FM
fm:ce1.ceb1.10220 102.2 MHz Lochbroom FM
fm:ce1.c092.10330 103.3 MHz London Greek Radio
fm:ce1.c598.10320 103.2 MHz Mansfield 103.2
fm:ce1.c690.10620 106.2 MHz Mearns FM
fm:ce1.c690.10730 107.3 MHz Mearns FM
fm:ce1.c690.10510 105.1 MHz Mearns FM
fm:ce1.c690.10570 105.7 MHz Mearns FM
fm:ce1.cd82.10700 107.0 MHz Meridian FM
fm:ce1.c05f.10790 107.9 MHz Mighty Radio
fm:ce1.cc8a.10250 102.5 MHz MônFM
fm:ce1.cc8a.10210 102.1 MHz MônFM
fm:ce1.cc8a.09680 96.8 MHz MônFM
fm:ce1.c782.10290 102.9 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c385.10600 106.0 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c485.10600 106.0 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c385.10660 106.6 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c485.10660 106.6 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.ca82.09980 99.8 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c782.10730 107.3 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c782.10710 107.1 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.caa7.10200 102.0 MHz Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c340.10780 107.8 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c440.10780 107.8 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c340.10720 107.2 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c440.10720 107.2 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c340.10740 107.4 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c540.10740 107.4 MHz Nations Easy Radio
fm:ce1.c585.10660 106.6 MHz Nations Radio
fm:ce1.cdb1.10230 102.3 MHz Nevis Radio
fm:ce1.cdb1.09660 96.6 MHz Nevis Radio
fm:ce1.cdb1.10240 102.4 MHz Nevis Radio
fm:ce1.cdb1.09700 97.0 MHz Nevis Radio
fm:ce1.c491.09870 98.7 MHz New Style Radio 98.7 FM
fm:ce1.c054.10760 107.6 MHz Ninesprings FM
fm:ce1.c054.10330 103.3 MHz Ninesprings FM
fm:ce1.c054.10450 104.5 MHz Ninesprings FM
fm:ce1.cc95.09620 96.2 MHz Nitro FM
fm:ce1.c04a.09220 92.2 MHz Nomad Radio
fm:ce1.c085.10660 106.6 MHz North Manchester FM
fm:ce1.c79a.10250 102.5 MHz Nova Radio North East 102.5 FM
fm:ce1.ca91.09200 92.0 MHz Nu Sound Radio
fm:ce1.c5b8.10330 103.3 MHz Oban FM
fm:ce1.c881.09970 99.7 MHz Oldham Community Radio
fm:ce1.cc94.10630 106.3 MHz Original 106
fm:ce1.c890.10200 102.0 MHz Original 106
fm:ce1.cc94.10680 106.8 MHz Original 106
fm:ce1.c890.10660 106.6 MHz Original 106
fm:ce1.cf95.09490 94.9 MHz Oulton FM
fm:ce1.c592.10760 107.6 MHz Park Radio
fm:ce1.c592.10520 105.2 MHz Park Radio
fm:ce1.cc91.10310 103.1 MHz Pendle Community Radio
fm:ce1.cc90.09570 95.7 MHz Penistone FM
fm:ce1.c996.10320 103.2 MHz Peterborough Community Radio
fm:ce1.c480.09800 98.0 MHz Phoenix FM
fm:ce1.c0b1.09670 96.7 MHz Phoenix FM
fm:ce1.c489.10220 102.2 MHz Pirate FM
fm:ce1.c589.10280 102.8 MHz Pirate FM
fm:ce1.c099.10550 105.5 MHz Platform B
fm:ce1.cc96.09840 98.4 MHz Pulse Community Radio
fm:ce1.c37d.09670 96.7 MHz Q Radio 96.7/102.5FM
fm:ce1.c04d.10750 107.5 MHz Quality Radio
fm:ce1.cf86.10710 107.1 MHz Quay FM
fm:ce1.ce81.10330 103.3 MHz RWS FM 103.3
fm:ce1.c7b1.10230 102.3 MHz Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.10340 103.4 MHz Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.10310 103.1 MHz Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.09680 96.8 MHz Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c0b4.10760 107.6 MHz Radio Dawn
fm:ce1.c491.09710 97.1 MHz Radio Faza 97.1 FM
fm:ce1.c0b2.10240 102.4 MHz Radio Hartlepool
fm:ce1.c991.10780 107.8 MHz Radio Ikhlas
fm:ce1.c6b0.10780 107.8 MHz Radio Jackie
fm:ce1.cfbf.10480 104.8 MHz Radio Leyland
fm:ce1.c047.10710 107.1 MHz Radio MAC
fm:ce1.cd95.09510 95.1 MHz Radio Mount Vernon
fm:ce1.ce88.10780 107.8 MHz Radio Newark
fm:ce1.c097.09660 96.6 MHz Radio North Angus
fm:ce1.c097.10750 107.5 MHz Radio North Angus
fm:ce1.c097.10590 105.9 MHz Radio North Angus
fm:ce1.c0b6.09960 99.6 MHz Radio Panj
fm:ce1.cd99.10150 101.5 MHz Radio Plus
fm:ce1.cb50.10040 100.4 MHz Radio Redhill
fm:ce1.c091.09720 97.2 MHz Radio Reverb
fm:ce1.cf53.10670 106.7 MHz Radio Saltire
fm:ce1.cf53.10720 107.2 MHz Radio Saltire
fm:ce1.c09c.09470 94.7 MHz Radio Sangam
fm:ce1.c09c.10790 107.9 MHz Radio Sangam
fm:ce1.c0ba.10760 107.6 MHz Radio Scarborough
fm:ce1.cdb0.10620 106.2 MHz Radio Skye
fm:ce1.cdb0.10270 102.7 MHz Radio Skye
fm:ce1.cbd0.10720 107.2 MHz Radio Skye
fm:ce1.c480.10650 106.5 MHz Radio Tircoed
fm:ce1.c0a9.09460 94.6 MHz Radio Wimborne
fm:ce1.c88a.10690 106.9 MHz Radio Winchcombe
fm:ce1.c88a.10710 107.1 MHz Radio Winchcombe
fm:ce1.c791.10670 106.7 MHz Radio Wyvern
fm:ce1.cf51.09500 95.0 MHz Radio2Funky
fm:ce1.c591.10710 107.1 MHz Raidió Fáilte
fm:ce1.c680.09240 92.4 MHz Rainbow Radio
fm:ce1.c0a7.09300 93.0 MHz Revival FM
fm:ce1.c050.09400 94.0 MHz Revive FM
fm:ce1.c056.09750 97.5 MHz Rhondda Radio
fm:ce1.c056.10610 106.1 MHz Rhondda Radio
fm:ce1.c0ab.10670 106.7 MHz Ribble FM
fm:ce1.cd90.10680 106.8 MHz Rinse FM
fm:ce1.cc5f.10790 107.9 MHz Riviera FM
fm:ce1.ce53.10470 104.7 MHz Rossendale Radio
fm:ce1.c486.09620 96.2 MHz SIBC
fm:ce1.c486.10220 102.2 MHz SIBC
fm:ce1.c07e.10370 103.7 MHz SWUFM
fm:ce1.c045.09100 91.0 MHz Sabras Radio
fm:ce1.c045.10210 102.1 MHz Sabras Radio
fm:ce1.c09a.10620 106.2 MHz Salaam Radio
fm:ce1.c083.09440 94.4 MHz Salford City Radio
fm:ce1.c650.09960 99.6 MHz Scout Radio
fm:ce1.c08c.10440 104.4 MHz Seaside FM 105.3
fm:ce1.c08c.10350 103.5 MHz Seaside FM 105.3
fm:ce1.c08c.10530 105.3 MHz Seaside FM 105.3
fm:ce1.c793.10420 104.2 MHz Sedgemoor FM
fm:ce1.ca81.09320 93.2 MHz Sheffield Live 93.2 FM
fm:ce1.c094.09220 92.2 MHz Sheppey FM
fm:ce1.c69b.10690 106.9 MHz Silk FM
fm:ce1.cc50.08770 87.7 MHz Silverstone Radio
fm:ce1.c896.10260 102.6 MHz Sine FM
fm:ce1.c691.10730 107.3 MHz Siren FM
fm:ce1.c07b.10760 107.6 MHz Skylark
fm:ce1.c07b.10580 105.8 MHz Skylark
fm:ce1.c09b.10250 102.5 MHz Skyline Gold 102.5
fm:ce1.cf50.10730 107.3 MHz Snetterton FM - Race Commentary
fm:ce1.c081.09750 97.5 MHz Somer Valley FM
fm:ce1.c0b0.10310 103.1 MHz Sound Radio
fm:ce1.cd80.10710 107.1 MHz Speysound Radio
fm:ce1.c497.09880 98.8 MHz Spice FM
fm:ce1.cd88.10180 101.8 MHz Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio
fm:ce1.c480.10350 103.5 MHz Sunny Govan Radio
fm:ce1.cb92.10320 103.2 MHz Sunrise FM
fm:ce1.c04e.10490 104.9 MHz Sunshine
fm:ce1.cb83.10780 107.8 MHz Sunshine Radio
fm:ce1.cb83.10700 107.0 MHz Sunshine Radio
fm:ce1.ca83.10620 106.2 MHz Sunshine Radio
fm:ce1.cf99.10780 107.8 MHz Sunshine Radio (FM)
fm:ce1.cf99.10590 105.9 MHz Sunshine Radio (FM)
fm:ce1.c980.10550 105.5 MHz Swindon 105.5
fm:ce1.cf88.10650 106.5 MHz TD1 Radio
fm:ce1.c887.09530 95.3 MHz TMCR
fm:ce1.c59c.10320 103.2 MHz Takeover Radio
fm:ce1.c59c.10690 106.9 MHz Takeover Radio 106.9
fm:ce1.c891.10740 107.4 MHz Tempo 107.4 FM
fm:ce1.c69a.10360 103.6 MHz The Beat London 103.6FM
fm:ce1.c78c.10790 107.9 MHz The Cat
fm:ce1.cfbe.10300 103.0 MHz The Eye
fm:ce1.c088.09860 98.6 MHz The Hillz FM
fm:ce1.c09e.10750 107.5 MHz Time 107.5
fm:ce1.c086.10780 107.8 MHz Tone FM
fm:ce1.cd88.09590 95.9 MHz Torbay Hospital Radio
fm:ce1.c891.10110 101.1 MHz Unity 101
fm:ce1.c096.09350 93.5 MHz Unity FM
fm:ce1.ce8a.09280 92.8 MHz Unity Radio
fm:ce1.c05e.10630 106.3 MHz Vanny Radio
fm:ce1.c080.10180 101.8 MHz Vixen 101
fm:ce1.c080.10310 103.1 MHz Vixen 101
fm:ce1.c688.10550 105.5 MHz WCR
fm:ce1.cb91.10180 101.8 MHz WCR FM
fm:ce1.c0a2.10730 107.3 MHz Wallingford Radio
fm:ce1.c6b6.10120 101.2 MHz Waves Radio
fm:ce1.c591.10690 106.9 MHz West Hull FM
fm:ce1.c07a.10720 107.2 MHz West Kent Radio
fm:ce1.c07a.09550 95.5 MHz West Kent Radio
fm:ce1.c07a.10670 106.7 MHz West Kent Radio
fm:ce1.cf9b.10440 104.4 MHz West Somerset Radio
fm:ce1.c591.08960 89.6 MHz Westside 89.6 FM
fm:ce1.cab1.09650 96.5 MHz Westsound FM
fm:ce1.cab1.10300 103.0 MHz Westsound FM
fm:ce1.cab1.09700 97.0 MHz Westsound FM
fm:ce1.ce9e.10110 101.1 MHz Wey Valley Radio
fm:ce1.c07d.10530 105.3 MHz Witney Radio
fm:ce1.c07d.10740 107.4 MHz Witney Radio
fm:ce1.c07d.10710 107.1 MHz Witney Radio
fm:ce1.c07d.09020 90.2 MHz Witney Radio
fm:ce1.c07d.09990 99.9 MHz Witney Radio
fm:ce1.c0b9.09720 97.2 MHz Wythenshawe FM
fm:ce1.c08a.09000 90.0 MHz YO1 Radio
fm:ce1.c08a.10280 102.8 MHz YO1 Radio
fm:ce1.c480.10780 107.8 MHz Your FM
fm:ce1.cb89.10020 100.2 MHz YourFM
fm:ce1.c084.10530 105.3 MHz Zack FM 105.3
fm:ce1.c680.10500 105.0 MHz Zetland FM
fm:ce1.c091.09980 99.8 MHz shmu FM