London 3 Multiplex

Ensemble ID
Licensed Area
11B (218.64 MHz)
Ofcom License Number


SID Label Authoritative FQDN
C0EA Dubai Now No RadioDNS
C1D0 Polish Radio Ldn No RadioDNS
C1DB Bloomberg Radio
C4DC Athavan Radio No RadioDNS
C5E4 Rathergood Radio No RadioDNS
C6D7 VOIslam No RadioDNS
C7C9 Absolute Classic Rock
C7E0 LoveSport No RadioDNS
C8C1 IBC Tamil No RadioDNS
C9C8 Premier Gospel
C9C9 Gaydio UK
CCCD Lyca Dil SE 1035 No RadioDNS
CECE Lyca Radio 1458 No RadioDNS
CED8 Panjab Radio No RadioDNS
CFC1 Sout al Khaleej No RadioDNS
CFD6 Matryoshka Radio No RadioDNS


Name Area
Alexandra Palace North London
BT Tower Central London
Bluebell Hill (S) Maidstone
Caterham Old Park Wood Caterham
Chepping Wycombe High Wycombe
Croydon London
Epping Green Hertford
Guildford S.W. London and Surrey
Hemel Hempstead (Pimlico) North London
Leatherhead Stoke dAbernon Leatherhead
Maidenhead Hyde Farm Maidenhead
Pin Green Pin Green
Reigate S. London and E. Surrey
Wrotham North West Kent
Zouches Farm Beds


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