Guildford Transmitter

S.W. London and Surrey
National Grid Reference
WGS84 Coordinates
51.228367, -0.605467
Site Height
Total Power
41.69 kW

DAB Multiplexes

EID Name Block
CE15 BBC National DAB 12B
C199 DRG London 11B
C181 Digital One 11D
C185 London 1 12C
C1BC MuxCo Surrey 10C
C1CE Sound Digital 11A
C186 Switch London 12A

FM Services

Frequency PI Code Service Authoritative FQDN
97.7 MHz C201 BBC Radio 1
88.1 MHz C202 BBC Radio 2
90.3 MHz C203 BBC Radio 3
92.5 MHz C204 BBC Radio 4
104.6 MHz CB17 BBC Radio Surrey
96.4 MHz C694 Greatest Hits Radio (Surrey & East Hampshire)
103.7 MHz CE96 Kane FM No RadioDNS


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