Bath Transmitter

National Grid Reference
WGS84 Coordinates
51.387799, -2.332925
Site Height
Total Power
5.29 kW

DAB Multiplexes

EID Name Block
CE15 BBC National DAB 12B
C18C Bristol and Bath 11B
C181 Digital One 11D
C1A5 Now Digital West Wiltshire DAB 10D

FM Services

Frequency PI Code Service Authoritative FQDN
98.6 MHz C201 BBC Radio 1
89.0 MHz C202 BBC Radio 2
91.2 MHz C203 BBC Radio 3
93.4 MHz C204 BBC Radio 4
104.6 MHz C412 BBC Radio Bristol
100.2 MHz C2A1 Classic FM
100.2 MHz C8A1 Classic FM
107.9 MHz C3BB Greatest Hits Radio (Bath & The South West)
107.9 MHz C5BB Greatest Hits Radio No RadioDNS
103.0 MHz C36B Heart Bristol
103.0 MHz C66B Heart Bath


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