Trial London Multiplex

Ensemble ID
Licensed Area
Central London
9A (202.928 MHz)
Ofcom License Number


SID Label Authoritative FQDN
C091 NuSound Radio No RadioDNS
C092 LGR No RadioDNS
C4DD LRB Digital No RadioDNS
C580 Resonance 104.4 FM
C6D6 Radio Caroline No RadioDNS
C7D9 Rainbow Radio No RadioDNS
C8D4 Resonance Extra No RadioDNS
C8DB Zone 1 Radio
CAD6 Resonance 104.4 FM
CBDB Angel Radio Portsmouth & Havant
CCD4 NME 1 No RadioDNS
CD90 Rinse FM
CDD4 Delite Radio
CED4 Solar Radio
CF84 Reprezent No RadioDNS
CFE3 The Beat London No RadioDNS


Name Area
Honor Oak Park London
Notting Hill Gate Central London
Southwood Park Highgate London


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