Tynemouth and South Shields SS Multiplex

Ensemble ID
Licensed Area
Tynemouth and South Shields
9B (204.64 MHz)
Ofcom License Number



SID Label Authoritative FQDN
C1F2 Durham OnAir c826.radioplayer.org
C2ED Nation 70s c826.radioplayer.org
C2EF Nation 80s c826.radioplayer.org
C2F2 Frisk Radio No RadioDNS
C2FA Nation 90s c826.radioplayer.org
C2FE Nation Party No RadioDNS
C3F2 GlitterBeam No RadioDNS
C3F3 Pride Radio c826.radioplayer.org
C4F2 Radio Shields No RadioDNS
C4F3 Memory Lane No RadioDNS
C5F2 Sun FM Radio c826.radioplayer.org
C5F3 Ambron Radio No RadioDNS
C6F2 Together Radio c826.radioplayer.org
C7F2 xRhythms No RadioDNS
C8F3 Spice Radio No RadioDNS
CBC2 Radio Tyneside No RadioDNS
CCF2 First Choice No RadioDNS
CDC2 Angel Radio No RadioDNS
CED8 Panjab Radio No RadioDNS
CFF1 Dance Revolution No RadioDNS


Name Area
Cleadon WT Tynemouth & South Shields


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