Bearers that aren't known to Ofcom

The following bearers have been registered with, have an entry in the authority's SI.xml file, but they are not in the Ofcom published spreadsheet of licensed transmissions.

Bearer Service Name FQDN
dab:ce1.c185.c3fa.0 Absolute Radio 90s
dab:ce1.c184.c3fa.0 Absolute Radio 90s
fm:ce1.c9b2.09640 Greatest Hits Radio (Grimsby)
fm:ce1.c3ac.10640 Greatest Hits Radio (Ipswich & Suffolk)
dab:ce1.c1b5.c48c.0 Greatest Hits Radio (Oxfordshire)
dab:ce1.c1d8.c584.0 Greatest Hits Radio (Salisbury)
dab:ce1.c19d.c3ad.0 Greatest Hits Radio (South Coast)
dab:ce1.c183.cbe1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1a0.c0ec.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1b0.c2e3.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c18e.cce1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c198.c2e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c195.c0e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c18f.c3e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1a2.c0e2.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c18d.cfc4.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c193.cae1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1ae.cee1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c187.c1e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1ac.cfeb.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1aa.cbeb.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c190.c4e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c188.c5e1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c18b.cde1.0 Hits Radio
dab:ce1.c1c3.c5f1.0 Hits Radio (Cumbria)
dab:ce1.c186.c5e3.0 Hits Radio (London)
fm:ce1.c48f.10260 Hits Radio (Staffordshire & Cheshire)
fm:ce1.c3ac.10770 KISS
fm:ce1.c3ac.10560 KISS
dab:ce1.c18a.c3fc.0 Mellow Magic
dab:ce1.c182.c3fc.0 Mellow Magic
dab:ce1.c19e.c3fc.0 Mellow Magic
dab:ce1.c1ad.c3f8.0 Planet Rock
dab:ce1.c19d.c3f8.0 Planet Rock
dab:ce1.c18b.c3f8.0 Planet Rock
dab:ce1.c1b6.c3fd.0 Scala Radio
fm:ce1.c681.09590 Capital North Oxfordshire
fm:ce1.c46e.10300 Heart Gloucestershire
fm:ce1.c899.10690 Heart North Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c899.10670 Heart North Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c786.09660 Heart South Hertfordshire
fm:ce1.c3aa.10720 Heart Wales - North
fm:ce1.c3aa.10690 Heart Wales - North
fm:ce1.c3aa.10770 Heart Wales - North
fm:ce1.c3aa.10570 Heart Wales - North
fm:ce1.c3aa.10730 Heart Wales - North
dab:ce1.c19d.cde9.0 Smooth Country
dab:ce1.c1cd.c08d.0 B Radio - Hampshire & Surrey
dab:ce1.c1d8.c9c2.0 Boom Light
dab:ce1.c199.ceee.0 Boom Radio UK
dab:ce1.c1c8.ceee.0 Boom Radio UK
dab:ce1.c1cf.c586.0 Channel 103
dab:ce1.c1c7.cddd.0 Cosoro Radio
dab:ce1.c1c7.c897.0 Gaydio (Manchester)
fm:ce1.c057.09870 Gaydio (Brighton)
dab:ce1.c1ca.c897.0 Gaydio (Scotland)
dab:ce1.caa2.c897.0 Gaydio (Scotland)
dab:ce1.c18b.ccec.0 Gorgeous
dab:ce1.c1cf.c6b2.0 Island FM
dab:ce1.c19f.c882.0 Radio Exe Devon
dab:ce1.c1a1.cbee.0 Star Radio - Cambridgeshire
dab:ce1.c1c7.c687.0 Tameside Radio
dab:ce1.c1d3.c4e9.0 NOODS Radio
dab:ce1.c1d4.c4e9.0 NOODS Radio
dab:ce1.c1d4.c7c1.0 Fun Kids Naps