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DAB Multiplexes

Bearer ID Multiplex Name Block
dab:ce1.c1b9.c638.0 MuxCo Mid & West Wales 12D
dab:ce1.c1b3.c738.0 MuxCo Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool 10D
dab:ce1.c1bf.c838.0 MuxCo North Wales 10D
dab:ce1.c189.c438.0 Now Digital South East Wales DAB 12C
dab:ce1.c1aa.c538.0 Bauer Swansea & South West Wales 12A

FM Transmitters

Bearer ID Frequency Transmitters
fm:ce1.c418.09020 90.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09030 90.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09030 90.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09040 90.4 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09040 90.4 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09050 90.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09060 90.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09070 90.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09080 90.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09110 91.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09110 91.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09110 91.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09120 91.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09120 91.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09130 91.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09130 91.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c918.09140 91.4 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09150 91.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09160 91.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09160 91.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09170 91.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09180 91.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09180 91.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09190 91.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09200 92.0 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09230 92.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09230 92.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09390 93.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09460 94.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09480 94.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09480 94.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09500 95.0 MHz
fm:ce1.c918.09510 95.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09510 95.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09520 95.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09530 95.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c718.09540 95.4 MHz
fm:ce1.c518.09550 95.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09580 95.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c918.09590 95.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c618.09590 95.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.09610 96.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c418.10390 103.9 MHz


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