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DAB Multiplexes

Bearer ID Multiplex Name Block
dab:ce1.c19a.c635.0 Switch Aberdeen 11C
dab:ce1.c19b.c435.0 Arqiva Ayr DAB 11B
dab:ce1.c18a.c435.0 Bauer Edinburgh DAB 12D
dab:ce1.c182.c435.0 Bauer Glasgow DAB 11C
dab:ce1.c1a6.c935.0 Bauer Inverness DAB 11B
dab:ce1.c19e.c435.0 Bauer Tayside DAB 11B

FM Transmitters

Bearer ID Frequency Transmitters
fm:ce1.c915.09250 92.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09260 92.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09270 92.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09270 92.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09280 92.8 MHz
fm:ce1.cb15.09280 92.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09290 92.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09290 92.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09300 93.0 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09300 93.0 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09310 93.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09310 93.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c515.09310 93.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c615.09310 93.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09320 93.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09330 93.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09330 93.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09340 93.4 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09340 93.4 MHz
fm:ce1.cb15.09350 93.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09350 93.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09350 93.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09360 93.6 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09370 93.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09370 93.7 MHz
fm:ce1.c615.09380 93.8 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09390 93.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09390 93.9 MHz
fm:ce1.cb15.09390 93.9 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09400 94.0 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09400 94.0 MHz
fm:ce1.cb15.09410 94.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09410 94.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c515.09410 94.1 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09420 94.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09420 94.2 MHz
fm:ce1.c415.09430 94.3 MHz
fm:ce1.c915.09450 94.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c615.09450 94.5 MHz
fm:ce1.c515.09470 94.7 MHz


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