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Marlow FM 97.5 is a community radio station that broadcasts on FM and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The vast majority of our schedule consists of live or recorded as live shows presented by local volunteers; over 90 hours each and every week. On occasion and from midnight to 7am the Marlow FM Jukebox kicks in and provides an eclectic range of music from our library. Our daily prime-time shows are Breakfast, Lunch and Drive, whilst Mid Morning Matters and the afternoon Biz Buzz shows cover a great variety of topics Mon-Fri. Our weekly speciality shows cover Americana, blues, chart, classic rock, crooners, country, club, disco, ethnic, folk, garage, hip-hop, history, indie, jazz, japes, kitch, latin, musicals, new discoveries, old skool, progressive rock, quips, rappers, religion, reggae, rock 'n' roll, singer/songwriters, spirituality, swing, trance, underground, virtuosos, youth interests, x-cellent local info and a Zest for Life.



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FM Transmitters

Bearer ID Frequency Transmitters
fm:ce1.c69f.09750 97.5 MHz
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