Stations with no service entry

The following bearers are licensed by Ofcom and have been registered with but have no entry in the authority's SI.xml file.

Bearer Ofcom Label Authoritative FQDN
dab:ce1.c19a.c1c9.0 Grt Hits NE Scot
dab:ce1.c19b.cfc9.0 Grt Hits Ayrshire
dab:ce1.c1cf.cdc2.0 Angel Radio
dab:ce1.c18a.c3c2.0 Grt Hits Ednbrgh
dab:ce1.c19c.c8ed.0 Street Sounds
dab:ce1.c182.c9c0.0 Grt Hits Glasgow
dab:ce1.c1ca.c6c4.0 HousePartyRadio
dab:ce1.c1a6.c5cb.0 Grt Hits NSctlnd
dab:ce1.c199.cfd6.0 Matryoshka Radio
dab:ce1.c1b3.ccc4.0 CountryLineRadio
dab:ce1.c1c3.c9b3.0 Grt Hits Cumbria
dab:ce1.c1a3.caed.0 XTRA HOT
dab:ce1.c1bc.ceef.0 PointBlank Radio
dab:ce1.c19e.c1cb.0 Grt Hits Tayside
dab:ce1.c1c7.c080.0 Asian Star Radio
dab:ce1.c1d6.ceeb.0 Like ONE
fm:ce1.c588.10720 AIR
fm:ce1.cc93.09840 Amber Sound FM
fm:ce1.cc93.10720 Amber Sound FM
fm:ce1.cab3.10220 CFM
fm:ce1.c9b3.09640 CFM
fm:ce1.c9b3.10250 CFM
fm:ce1.cab3.10340 CFM
fm:ce1.c08f.10320 Insanity Radio
fm:ce1.c691.10570 Ipswich Community Radio
fm:ce1.c093.10670 Kennet Radio
fm:ce1.c7b1.10230 Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.10340 Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.10310 Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c7b1.09680 Radio Borders
fm:ce1.c0a7.09300 Revival FM
fm:ce1.c086.10780 Tone FM
fm:ce1.cab1.09650 Westsound FM
fm:ce1.cab1.10300 Westsound FM
fm:ce1.cab1.09700 Westsound FM