Stations with no service entry

The following bearers are licensed by Ofcom and have been registered with but have no entry in the authority's SI.xml file.

Bearer Ofcom Label Authoritative FQDN
dab:ce1.c181.c6c0.0 Smooth Extra
dab:ce1.c181.cfd1.0 Heart extra
dab:ce1.c198.c3d9.0 Magic Soul
dab:ce1.c1a6.c3d9.0 Magic Soul Summr
dab:ce1.c1b8.c4b9.0 Lincs FM
dab:ce1.c1b8.c9b2.0 Compass FM
dab:ce1.c1b9.c682.0 Nation Radio
dab:ce1.c1b3.c2d4.0 Chris Country
dab:ce1.c1b3.c7db.0 Zest Liverpool
dab:ce1.c1c2.ccdb.0 Chris Country
dab:ce1.c19e.c3d9.0 Magic Soul Summr
dab:ce1.c190.c3d9.0 Magic Soul
dab:ce1.c1c5.c4d0.0 Gaydio
dab:ce1.c1c8.ced6.0 BFBS Beats
dab:ce1.c1c4.c791.0 Cambridge 105
dab:ce1.c1c4.c2d4.0 Chris Country
dab:ce1.c1c6.cdd4.0 Delite Radio
dab:ce1.c1c6.cd90.0 RINSE FM
dab:ce1.c1c6.c8db.0 Zone One Radio
dab:ce1.c1c7.c0d5.0 Max 80's
dab:ce1.c1cb.cbd6.0 Future Radio
dab:ce1.c1cd.c9d7.0 BFBS Portsmouth
dab:ce1.c1cd.c6ba.0 The Breeze
dab:ce1.c1cc.c4d6.0 BFBS Gurkha
fm:ce1.c588.10720 AIR
fm:ce1.cb96.10730 Alive Radio
fm:ce1.c497.10060 BFBS Lisburn FM
fm:ce1.c791.10500 Cambridge 105 FM
fm:ce1.ce83.10630 Cando FM
fm:ce1.c69c.10490 Dales Radio
fm:ce1.c69c.10300 Dales Radio
fm:ce1.c0ae.10370 Funky SX
fm:ce1.c481.10280 Hot Radio 102.8
fm:ce1.c08f.10320 Insanity Radio
fm:ce1.cf91.09980 KCC Live
fm:ce1.c682.10730 Nation Radio
fm:ce1.c0be.09750 Nova FM
fm:ce1.cd90.10680 Rinse FM
fm:ce1.c691.10730 Siren FM
fm:ce1.c3ba.10780 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c4ba.10780 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c3ba.10720 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c5ba.10720 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c3ba.10740 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c6ba.10740 The Breeze
fm:ce1.c78c.10790 The Cat