Stations with no service entry

The following bearers are licensed by Ofcom and have been registered with but have no entry in the authority's SI.xml file.

Bearer Ofcom Label Authoritative FQDN
dab:ce1.c1a0.c0ec.0 HITS RADIO UK
dab:ce1.c18a.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c182.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c18f.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c18f.ca86.0 Pulse 1
dab:ce1.c18d.cdb6.0 Grt Hits L'pool
dab:ce1.c199.cfc1.0 Sout al Khaleej
dab:ce1.c1b3.c1d9.0 Sandgrounder
dab:ce1.c1b6.c6ed.0 Hits Radio NYorks
dab:ce1.c1ac.cfeb.0 HITS RADIO UK
dab:ce1.c1ac.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c1c2.c9e3.0 Grt Hits Suffolk
dab:ce1.c1aa.cbeb.0 HITS RADIO UK
dab:ce1.c1aa.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c190.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c1c5.c4d0.0 Gaydio
dab:ce1.c1c7.ccb2.0 XSManchester
dab:ce1.c1cd.c6ba.0 HITS RADIO PORTS
dab:ce1.c188.caea.0 Magic Musicals
dab:ce1.c18b.c2d3.0 Grt Hits BC & SH
fm:ce1.c681.09590 Capital
fm:ce1.c37c.09630 Capital
fm:ce1.c57c.09630 Capital
fm:ce1.c597.10200 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c49e.10710 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c9b1.10670 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c9b2.09640 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c597.09710 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.ca82.09980 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c3ba.10740 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c983.09610 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.caa7.10200 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c49e.10790 Greatest Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c3ba.10780 Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c4ba.10780 Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c3ba.10720 Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c5ba.10720 Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c6ba.10740 Hits Radio
fm:ce1.c08f.10320 Insanity Radio
fm:ce1.c4b9.10220 Lincs FM
fm:ce1.c081.09750 Somer Valley FM
fm:ce1.c5b0.09660 TFM Radio