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Service Identifier / rp8261114

Resonance104.4fm is London’s ground-breaking, non-commercial, internationally renowned, 24/7 radio station dedicated to the arts. It exists to encourage creativity through radio, to demonstrate the vitality of the arts, and to create new audiences of listeners and creators. Open to as wide a range of artists, art forms and diverse communities as possible, its broadcasts challenge, inspire and transform people's creative and listening experiences. Its award-winning programming gives voice to the vibrant diversity of London's thriving arts scenes, and engages consumers and communities not served by mainstream media, across age groups and languages. Resonance involves its audience in the creation of its content and the broadcast process. An educational hub for expressive and discursive mass communication of real meaning and influence, it is a resource for training and skill-sharing of all kinds - cultural, technical, intellectual and practical - with wide-ranging individual and social ramifications. And it connects the arts to a deeper mission, for lives that are fulfilled and communities that are creative. Once you've heard Resonance104.4fm, radio will never sound the same again.



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DAB Multiplexes

Bearer ID Multiplex Name Block
dab:ce1.c1c6.cad6.0 Trial London 9A

FM Transmitters

Bearer ID Frequency Transmitters
fm:ce1.c580.10440 104.4 MHz


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