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Radio Caroline has a history going back to the days of offshore radio in the 1960s. In the 1970s the station returned as an album format broadcaster from the radio-ship Mi Amigo until she sank in a storm in 1980. Caroline returned once again three years later with a bigger and better radio-ship Ross Revenge. She was on the air until 1990 with many more adventures which you can read about on our website. Although we still have Ross Revenge, today's Radio Caroline is a land broadcaster using the ship for special occasions. The film The Boat That Rocked – aka Pirate Radio in the USA and Canada – caused more than a ripple in the world of Radio Caroline. Set in the 1960s it tells the fictional story of Radio Rock, based very much on the UK's offshore radio era 1964-1968. We offer an extremely broad mix of music from the 60s to today with less talk. The music we play comes exclusively from albums with no bias to any one era or musical genre. We do not programme one or two specific tracks from each album, our presenters are encouraged to play tracks from the whole album. Real People - Real Music



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DAB Multiplexes

Bearer ID Multiplex Name Block
dab:ce1.c1c4.c6d6.0 Trial Cambridge 9C
dab:ce1.c1e1.c6d6.0 King's Lynn small-scale 9C
dab:ce1.c1c9.c6d6.0 Trial Birmingham 9A
dab:ce1.c1c5.c6d6.0 Trial Brighton 9A
dab:ce1.c1c6.c6d6.0 Trial London 9A
dab:ce1.c1cb.c6d6.0 Trial Norwich 9C
dab:ce1.c1cd.c6d6.0 Trial Portsmouth 7D
dab:ce1.c1cc.c6d6.0 Trial Woking 8A


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